SSS Bold Prinz

SSS Bold Prinz

SSS Bold Prinz


Do you want to know more about Prinz?

Here are some interesting snippets about him.

*He can be hard to catch in a playful way.
*He has his own covered yard and performs if he is put in the wrong one.
*He likes to have his needs pandered to but also needs a strict routine.
*His muzzle and around his eyes is a much lighter brown than the rest of his coat. The showie in David finds this hard to cope with!
*Prinz also likes to get his face good and dusty when possible.
*He doesn’t like the wind although it can be a good excuse for some hijinks.
*He can be really quiet but on the other hand ....
*David loves how good Prinz is in the jumping ring. It makes putting up with his other little quirks worthwhile!
*Prinz jumps his best with a warm up and straight into the ring. No standing around at the gate for him.
*Prinz is not wrapped in cotton wool at home and gets to share a paddock with other horses.
catching prinz


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