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Bitless Bridle

$280.00 NZD

Custom Made Bitless Bridle

Custom made to fit your horse or pony, options avialable in style and stiching, reins optional extra to match your bridle

The cross-over bitless bridle works on a simple pressure and release system.

To turn your horse, light tension on one rein distributes even lighter pressure on the whole of the opposite half of the head, from poll to chin and across the bridge of the nose.

To stop a horse, pressure on both reins activates a whole-head-hug.

Fitting the Bitless Bridle to your horse or pony

The bridle fits like a normal bridle, except with the chin straps crossing over each

other behind the horse's head. The nose piece should sit no higher than two finger's

width below the horse's cheek bones and 2-3 fingers above the corners of the mouth –

ensuring it is not sitting on the soft cartilage of the horse's nose.

 The noseband  shoud fit the same as your cavesson,  you should be able to slip one or two fingers underneath .

If you haven’t used a bitless bridle on your horse before,  it is a completely different feel for the horse and will take a few rides for  your horse to adjust to the new 'feel'. While you and your horse adjust to the new bitless bridle, make your first few rides in a safe enclosed area, making lots of turns and stops and different paces so you can ensure you both are comfortable  before you ride out.

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