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Omega Weight Gain

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High weight gain formula  20KG

Enhances body weight

High in fat

Highly digestible

The nutritional function of Weight Gain is very specific - to increase body weight and condition. Weight Gain is a blend of quality ingredients that will help combine conformation, body condition, brilliant depth of coat colour and a relaxed calm disposition for that show and sale success you desire! As Weight Gain is a high fat, high fibre supplement, the incidence of digestive upsets and metabolic conditions are greatly reduced.

 Ingredients: Wheat Pollard, Sunflower Kernel, Bentonite, Limestone, Salt, Omega Feeds Vitamin and Trace Mineral Premix, Magnesium Oxide, Flavouring, Antioxident.

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High in Fibre

Maintains an efficient microbial population in the hind gut

Cool energy source

Provides the horse with gut fill

High in Fat

Cool energy source

Acts as a carrier for fat soluble vitamins

Excellent for increasing body condition and body weight

Enhanced coat shine

Quality Protein

Provides amino acids for muscle growth and development

Vitamins & Minerals

For optimum health

Highly digestible



 Bodyweight        Weight Gain - kg/day

Under 250kg       0.2 - 0.4

250 - 400kg         0.4 - 0.8

400 - 550kg         0.6 - 1.0

550 - 700kg         0.8 - 1.2



Horses needing weight gain

Performance horses

Show horses

Weanlings & Yearlings

Sale preparation

Breeding horses

Poor doers and picky eaters

Geriatric horses


Introduce WeightGain into your horse’s diet gradually over a 10-14 day period

Suggested feeding rates should be used as a guide only

Feed by weight and not by volume

Mix Weight Gain thoroughly into your ration

Ensure horses have access to clean water

For more nutritional advice contact Omega Feeds

Product Analysis


Macro Nutrients              

 Digestible Energy             16.7 MJ/kg

Crude Protein    14.7 %

Lysine   6.6          g/kg

Methionine        2.8 g/kg

Crude Fibre         7.7 %

Fat          27.9 %

Salt         1.0 %

Macro Minerals

 Calcuim 11.3        g/kg

Phosohorus        7.2 g/kg

Sodium 4.1 g/kg

Chloride               6.9          g/kg

Magnesium        3.7          g/kg

Potassium           6.6          g/kg

Trace Minerals 

 Zinc        185         mg/kg

Manganese        167         mg/kg

Iron        691         mg/kg

Copper 61           mg/kg

Iodine   1.5          mg/kg

Chromium           1.3          mg/kg

Selenium             1.0          mg/kg

Cobolt   0.4          mg/kg


 Vitamin A            10225    IU/kg

Vitamin D            1000       IU/kg

Vitamin E             525         IU/kg

Vitamin K             5.0          mg/kg

Vitamin B1          30.9        mg/kg

Vitamin B2          6.8          mg/kg

Niacin    93.2        mg/kg

Vitamin B5          18.4        mg/kg

Vitamin B6          13.6        mg/kg

Folic Acid             8.4          mg/kg

Biotin    2.1          mg/kg

Vitamin B12        35           ug/kg

Vitamin C             1              g/kg

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