Bridle -  How to Fit Your Bridle - Saddlery Direct

Bridle - How to Fit Your Bridle

Bridle -  How to Fit Your Bridle - Saddlery Direct

Bridles designed to fit your horse

Fitting your bridle may not be as difficult as fitting your saddle, but getting the right fit will make a huge difference to your horses comfort and ability to perform for you.

Bridle Browbands
Brow bands that are properly fitted will place the crown piece comfortably behind the ear base. If it’s too small, it will rub the horse behind the ears. If it’s too big, the brow band will gap in the center of the horse’s forehead, or hang down over the horse’s eyes.

Cheekpieces & Buckle Adjustments on your Bridle
Cheekpieces are a crucial part of the bridle for both functionality and aesthetics. With regards to functionality, the cheekpieces place the bit in the proper position. When cheeks are adjusted correctly, there will be a wrinkle or two in the corners of the horses’ mouth.

Buckles that are properly adjusted create a pleasing look. When the cheekpieces are adjusted correctly, the buckles lie next to, or within one inch above, the horse’s eye. If they are in any other position, they are the wrong size for that horse. Longer cheekpieces can be made shorter; however, before you decide to have them altered, ask if you can purchase this part separately.

Throatlatches on your Bridle
Throatlatches have only one function: to prevent the bridle from coming off the horse’s head. Proper adjustment means the throatlatch allows the throat to expand when the head is properly flexed. If it’s too loose it will not perform its intended function. You should be able to fit your closed fist between the leather and the horse’s throat.

Nosebands to fit with your Bridle
Generally, nosebands should be placed two fingers width below the cheekbones, depending upon the size of the bit ring. If the bit ring is large, then the noseband should be placed higher. The cheek leather should rest about a half inch behind the cheekbone. A standard, or non-crank, noseband should encircle the horse’s head and allow you to slip two fingers between the jaw and the leather. For a crank noseband, tighten it completely without making the horse uncomfortable.

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