TSF Saddle Pad -Six Point

Problems getting your saddle fitting?

The Six Point Saddle Pad is the Most Effective Saddle-Fit Pad Ever Made

Corrects a range of saddle problems 

    • Bridging
    • Crooked
    • Twisting
    • Rocking
    • Low in front
    • Low behind
    • One saddle to fit more than one horse


  • Not every saddle pad is created the same. In fact, no other saddle pad is created like the Six Point Saddle Pad. With six fitting pockets, this unique pad offers more shimming options than any other pad.  The  optional Wither Freedom Technology, gives you another level in saddle fitting and your horses comfort.
  • Anatomically correct - Adjusts saddle balance and weight distribution to the shape of your horse back
  • Most Versatile - More shimming options with the 6 pocket pad and different thickeness of shims
  • Fit your Saddle - You can fit your saddle to your horse, in between your saddle fitter coming. Gives you the ability to adjust your saddle as your horse changes shape with the season and fitness level.  
  • Fits your Horses - You can adjust your saddle to fit your horses. If you ride several horses in the same saddle, you can adjust the fit to each horse.
  • Wither Freedom - Remove pressure from the withers and trapezius muscles and allows more pommel clearance. 


Wither Freedom Six Point Shim Options Available in White or Black
Half Pads 2 sizes
Corrects a range of saddle fitting problems
Bridging Crooked Twisting
Rocking Low in Front Low Behind


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