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Saddle Fitting Pads & Shims

Saddle Fitting Pads & Shims - Saddlery Direct

Was great to read the feeback in this blog

Total Saddle Fit Pads got awesome reviews. With many of us owning more than one horse, having a saddle for each is not always affordable or practical.  But a saddle pad for each is easily attainable.

The other issue is horses changing shape over the season. From the start when they are fit but not hard and muscled up as later in the season when they are full into competition.


"I’ve been following all of the equestrian sports in Rio and paying close attention to saddles and pads as, of course for me, the saga continues. Just when I think I’ve found saddles and trees that fit my horses, I realize that I own too many horses to fit in just a few saddles. But, like most equestrians, we can’t realistically afford a custom saddle for every single horse we ride (even if we do aspire to the Olympics someday). So what to do?"

You can read more on their blog here


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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