Silver Crown Bridlewear - Saddlery Direct

Silver Crown Bridlewear

Silver Crown Bridlewear - Saddlery Direct

Silver Crown Bridles  Silver Crown Nosebands  Silver Crown Breastplates and more amazing bridles arriving for the horses.

Silver Crown is based in northern France, and they  combine tradition and innovation. Using top quality English leather and all their products just ooze style and  quality.  Silver Crown  is built on two people's passion to combine  the more traditional Bridle  with innovation to suit todays rider. They focus on comfort of the horse, security for the rider, using the best materials and continuously innovating to make sure that their products are always the best around. The moment  I talked  them I knew that they were on to something special.   They use only top quality English leather, stainless steel fittings and exemplary padding.  The Silver Crown Bridles are designed to fit a wide range of horses. Many horses don’t fit traditional bridles well, with some parts fitting and others not so well.  The Silver Crown Bridle allows you to choose the most suitable bridle to fit your horse  (eg. short cheekpieces, cob headpiece and full noseband). Silver Crown combines comfort of the horse with the convenience owners crave. See my  website for all Silver Crown Products, find out what more about  Build Your Own Bridle which is already  a big hit!


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