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Size: 24

Color: Brown white fleece

What makes this cinch amazing?

The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle from being pulled into the shoulder blades, resulting in a free shoulder and better saddle fit.  

You might be wondering, how?  The shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch allows for the center of the cinch to sit in the horse's natural girth groove, while the sides are recessed backward and attach to the latigos farther back on the horse's body compared to a regular cinch.  This design makes the latigos more perpendicular to the ground and neutralizes forward pressure on the saddle (from the pull of the latigos).

More recently our cinch has been outfitted with the patent-pending Balance Buckle™. It is the strongest buckle on the market, made of 304 stainless steel - most other cinch buckles are plated iron. Functionally, the Balance Buckle™ is next level. The flat horizontal portions of the buckle keep the cinch evenly tightened on the horse's body. Since the Shoulder Relief Cinch is a unique shape, it really benefits from this feature.

Top grade saddlery leather body with Balance Buckle (read more here) stainless steel hardware that delivers perfect symmetry and even pull over the surface of the cinch.
Want to know how and why the Balance Buckle™ improves multiple functions of the cinch?  Read here.

Additionally, with the distinct shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch, it is important to have the cinch centered over the horse's sternum. The Balance Buckle™ makes this a cinch ;) It has 2 latigo placements, which allow for fine tuning of the lateral position on the horse's barrel.  You can see this in a product video above.

On top of these functions, the shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch also makes it great for elbow comfort. The cutaways in the cinch pull it back away from the horse's elbow. 

For the best durability and to prevent any stretching, the Shoulder Relief Cinch is fully backed with nylon webbing from end to end.  This gives the resilience of webbing with the look, touch and feel of leather.

Lastly, The Shoulder Relief Cinch uses a removable liner system.  You can choose between limestone neoprene, 100% wool felt or 100% wool fleece.  They simply peel on and off, so one cinch can be used with many liners.  A common practice is to keep 2 liners, so one can be in use while one is being washed. 

3 Cover Choices:
Thick and soft 7mm athletic neoprene liner (all other neoprene cinches on the market are a thinner 5mm).
Plush Fleece (sheeps wool) liner available in black or white 
12 mm thick real wool felt liner in grey or black ( Grey is being replaced by black felt so depending on stock and size)
Available in 24 through 36 inch lengths.

Available in brown or black   please note all cinches will be provided with balance buckle as new stock arrives. If you don't want balance buckle please advise at order :)

Limited edition Teal/brown  and Teal /Black available  on order 

please email me if wanting a certain liner on cinch, that is not there, as I can possibly swap things around to make it work.

The Shoulder Relief Cinch is available with 3 liner materials (all of which are removable and interchangeable):

  • Limestone-based Neoprene
  • 100% Wool Fleece (Black or White)
  •  Wool Felt

Regardless of the liner, the cinch is equally as effective at keeping the saddle tree off the shoulder and giving extra elbow clearance.  The reasons to select each material type are as follows:

  • Neoprene - Great for damp or muddy environments, as it is very easy to keep clean and repels moisture.
  • Wool Fleece - Great for sensitive skin horses.  It also has the wonderful wool benefits of moisture wicking and heat dispersion.
  • Wool Felt - Great all around liner.  It has the moisture wicking and heat dispersion qualities of wool while being easier to keep clean than a fleece liner.

    Unclear how the Cinch works?  Read more here: Cinch Overview   or   Ultra Detailed Explanation (English Version)

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      Available in sizes 

      24 Black, 26 Black, 28 Black, 30 Black, 32 Black, 34 Black, 36 Black, 24 Brown, 26 Brown, 28 Brown, 30 Brown, 32 Brown, 34 Brown, 36 Brown

      Covers    Black Neoprene, White Fleece +29.95, Black Fleece +29.95, Grey Felt +29.95


       Delivery :We aim to deliver  in stock items within 5 days NZ. Where an item is not in stock within 3 weeks. For any items not in stock we will contact you to advise delivery.  Delivery Information


      See the difference Shoulder Relief Cinch in action