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Neo Shoulder Relief Girth

Treated my gypsy cob pony to one of these girths. absolutely thrilled with it. Margie was great to trade with. well worth the $$ spent would definitely recommend to my horsey friends.. thank u

 Jo-Ann Windlebourne



Shoulder Relief Girth- 

I am delighted with my purchase of the Total Shoulder Relief Girth for my full wire hunter. The girth is made of the most top quality leather and fittings. The shape gives the horse ease of movement and keeps the saddle secure on all terrain. It is easy to clean and looks like new every time.   Val Nelson - Master Kaipara Hunt


Canter & Sea Tights

Just received these and such a lovely fit. Great material and lots of stretch. Top of waistband a smidge tighter than rest of shape. I’m normally a 10/12 5’7 and went for Medium.
Customer service & postage - fantastic!!


Saddle Fitting Half Pad

 What a brilliant idea this half pad is! We have a number of horses that are all shapes and different sizes. With this half pad, (if necessary) you can use the foam inserts to suit your horses shape. Its a brilliant idea, as i can use 1 saddle on all our horses if need be, and if i notice the saddle is sitting low or slighty to the left or right on the horses back, i can use the inserts accordingly to sit the saddle more correct. Another great feature is the freedom it gives the horses withers, allowing him to move more freely and be comfortable.  

Craig Sullivan Westridge Equestrian

Silver Crown Bridle

I'm so pleased with this bridle! Beautifully made to a very high quality, with a point of difference finish. The first time i rode my horse in this bridle, i noticed a huge difference in the way of his contact. I feel this nose band gives him better support and doesnt put pressure on his nose. I know he likes it, and I love the way he feels in it! Its a must buy! :)  

David Collett Westridge Equestrian   

Shoulder Relief Girth-

I absolutely love this girth! It allows my horse the freedom to jump and move without any restrictions when competing in the ring or exercising at home. Beautifully designed with an eye for detail finish. Strong and durable! I highly recommend this girth,

David Collett Westridge Equestrian




Shoulder Relief Girth- 

Hi Margie, 

 The girth is great thanks!  Love the shoulder clearance.   Here are some pics.  Excuse the grumpy mare face. Lol. 

 Cheers,    Kelly Boyd





Shoulder Relief Girth-

These are amazing girths

Megan Chamberlain

Shoulder Relief Girth-

Love Mine Saddle fits so steady with it

Leanne Stalkr

Shoulder Relief Girth-

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say both my horse and I LOVE our new stretch tec shoulder relief girth!   He is a tricky wee fit with his dressage saddle as he has a really forward girth groove, his saddle is due for a refit with the saddler but we have to wait until he is in our area (it has been over a month now) and so the saddle was just starting to scoot forward slightly… the flexy girth has 100% stopped this from happening, and he is going better than ever in it.  I also love that I can just hose off the liner after every use as well!  There is a much more even distribution of pressure across the full width of the girth (across the pectorals) as well, unlike with the leather one where it all sat on about 1 cm of the back edge of the girth, so my horse is so much happier and more comfortable.

 Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to try before I had to commit to buying  it, there is always such a risk with these things and after a few failed attempts at over $100 each you tend to get a bit reluctant and broke!  Needless to say it is a great product and we will be keeping it. 

 Leesa Cheesman

Shoulder Relief Girth-

I recently purchased the Shoulder Relief Girth from Saddlery Direct and I was very impressed with their prompt service and the information they provided with the girth.  It fits the horse perfectly allowing elbow/shoulder room for optimal free movement.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these girths to anyone wanting the best comfort and durability for their horse.


Cheers Mandy Littlejohn 


Hi Margie

Thanks for the EquiBee . I have a racehorse who has a recurring cough and cold. I have given her antibiotic powders previously but wanted to try something different this time. She is always a little heavy winded so I was interested to see if EquiBee made a difference as my vet recommended it to me.

We gave it to her before working each morning and we felt the honey helped to lubricate her airways. The cough and cold cleared up within a few days and she’s been very bright eyed and full of energy since.

EquiBee is now a first aid kit staple for my co trainer and I so we have it on hand for the first sign of a cough or cold or heavy windedness.

 Thanks Naomi

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