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Steady Steed Paste

$119.90 NZD

500gm pouch (approx  17  x 30gm doses) 

Cost Effective and Convenient

Steady Steed paste - Natural equine herbal calming aid. A premium nervous system restorative and calmer

BetaVet STEADY STEED is Kava free so 100% competition friendly. Steady Steed helps moderate certain behaviours to help the horse adjust faster to stressful situations, such as competitions, barrier training or issues with floating. Two well researched herbs Chamomile and Hops of medicinal grade are blended in Steady Steed along with Californian Poppy and Passionflower. This combination helps prevent the chain of biochemical reactions that create the “fight or flight” hormones such as adrenaline that causes the highly strung behaviour associated with stressful events. SS paste also contains Tryptophan 750mg and Magnesium chelate 1800mg with a peppermint flavour!



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